Introducing Extendo Magazine!

Welcome to Extendo Mag! Powered by Extendo Media LLC, we strive to keep you up to date with the latest trends in fashion, music, pop culture, and more!

Our focus is on the up and coming!

We understand the difficulties that come with new artists that want to get heard (Trust us, we’ve been there), so our ultimate goal is to not only keep you entertained but give you a chance to see others that may have been in the same boat as you. NETWORK IS KEY!

What else to expect?

Aside from all of that, you know we have to keep you up to date with everything Extendo. We’re constantly dropping new clothes, expanding into new avenues (I mean you are reading our freakin’ online magazine right now), and basically taking shit over! No need to search every social media for different info because we’re gonna be giving it to here first from now on.

So roll a blunt and pour a cup, because you are now reading Extendo Magazine!


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