Meet Extendo Athlete,Luke James

3x All-American at Bethel University in Tennessee and 2x Outdoor champion at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, James represents everything Extendo athletes want to be.

The triple jumper from Memphis and the first Extendo athlete, said he has been doing track & field since he was six years old.

“It’s something that made me feel good about myself, ” James said. “I just enjoy it.”

James said he remembers when he was the underdog and nobody really knew who he was and now, he’s a role model for other athletes.

“I do this for ‘My youngins’ and my ‘little homies’ under me,” James said

Fun Fact: Luke James was actually recruited to do the 800 meter run and didn’t flourish at triple jump until his freshmen year at college.

Along with being an All-American and conference champion, James also competed in two NCAA regional meets, one national meet and the USA Indoor national meet.

Luke James: “Let me repeat that for you , The USA INDOOR NATIONAL MEET.”

FullSizeRender (3)

“It made me feel accomplished,” James said. “It made me feel that all the hard work I’ve been putting in since I was young was finally catching up to me.”

James said his track career ended unexpectedly after a knee injury and decide to still stay close to his sport by coaching.

“It allowed me to change roles of athlete to to that coach and mentor role,” James said

James is currently the assistant jump coach at SIUC and coaches some of the athletes who he use to train and compete with.


“It was weird at first but I was always the oldest on the team,” James said. “They still look up to me and still listen to me and take advice from me.”

Along with being the assistant jump coach, James also coaches at Du Quoin High school in Du Quoin, Ill.

“I actually prefer high school,” James said. “The only downfall is that you have to be really patient.”

Jame said the high school students are still young trying to figuring out what sports they really what to do and figuring out life.

“I like coaching younger ones because they’re still young adults and you can still put them up on game, ” James said.

What do you mean ‘Put them on game”?

“Meaning I can just teach them the ins and outs of track and field, how to be productive and how to be respectful citizens in society.”

So Luke, why did  you chose to be a Extendo Athlete?

FullSizeRender (2)

“So Nike or Adidas or any other name brand its kinda something everybody wears. Which is fresh but I just wanted to be somebody who could step outside the norm and wear something nobody has ever seen before,” James said.

James gives the brand more exposure in athletics and  gets a overwhelming feeling of thrill when he wears the brand.

“I like to be different and I like to stand out and be seen,” James said.

To all the aspiring Extendo athletes, James said putting in work is the solution for success. “Ani’t not freebies in life man.”

“Lets EAT has always been my motto. Always being hungry. Even if you’re at the top or the bottom,” James said.

James said he looks at wearing Extendo as a opportunity to help himself as a athlete and help Extendo expand their brand into athletics.

FullSizeRender (1)

“When I wear Extendo, I feel exclusive. Don’t nobody got it but you,” James said. “I feel like  OG when I compete.”

Extendo writer Tyra Wooten can be reached at or on Twitter @themojoshade

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